Questions and Answers

Why should I sign up to yet another payment method?

Touchless payment with your biometrics is a fast, convenient and safe way to do small purchases. Your wallet and phone can stay in your pocket: all you need is your face and palm, and don’t even need to touch anything at the checkout.

How does PeasyPay work?

PeasyPay terminals identify you by your biometrics. They are using face recognition and confirm your identity by palm verification for double security. First, you need to register your biometrcs and payment card with the mobile app. When using PeasyPay terminal at the checkout, just look at the camera and then show your palm using the guides on the screen. The identification and payment process takes just a few seconds.

Do I need to pay for using PeasyPay?

No, we do not charge you anything extra for using our system for payments.

What if I wear a mask and the system does not recognize me?

Face mask should not be a problem for our terminals. But if identification fails, you always select an alternative payment method, like cash or card.

If I register, will I always have to pay with my biometrics?

You can always select an alternative (traditional) payment method. You can also remove your biometrics and your account from our system at any time.

Is there an age limit for registration?

You must be at least 18 years old in order to use PeasyPay.
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